LUMINIA’s way to Refuse, Reuse, Recycle.

Recycle empty crystal glasses and perfume bottles – return them to us, we will pour new candles in them, create new perfumes for you, and you will get a discount from your next purchase.

How to recycle?

1.  take them to the nearest store selling LUMINIA products and receive immediate discount from your next purchase


2.  collect at least 4 empty glasses and/or bottles, package them safely and send to: LUMINIA s.r.o., Jasovska 1, 851 07 Bratislava, Slovakia together with your name and address, and we will deduct the discount + standard postage of up to 2€ from your next online order.

Discounts on crystal glasses:

 1€ Petite crystal glass
2€ Classic crystal glass
5€ Grande crystal glass

Discounts on perfume bottles:

1€ 30ml perfume bottle
2€ 50ml perfume bottle



Give empty crystal glasses a new meaning and reuse them for other purpose.

Some of our customers’ ideas:

Jewellery box, jars for sugar, candies, nuts, teas, flower vase, drinking glasses, money box, cotton pads and cotton swabs holder, for pens, pencils, or make-up brushes, place for sea shells, decorations…

What is your idea?



Refuse plastic and unnecessary packaging wherever you can. Request gift bag or gift box only when presenting the candle. All of LUMINIA paper bags and gift boxes are recyclable.

LUMINIA refuses to use paraffin, colorants, preservatives, and additives. Paraffin is made of crude oil, candle colorants are synthetic, additives are chemicals. All of them harm our health as well as the environment.