Santal Noir


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Sandalwood is sexier than ever! Spicy cardamom, nutmeg, precious saffron, and warm undernotes of almonds embraced by hot ginger. The heart of Santal Noir blooms with violet, iris and lotus flowers, spiked with mandarin and orange. Velvety leather, papyrus, cedar wood, Baltic amber, tonka, guaiac and aphrodisiac musk form an enveloping and confident base.

The timeless elegance of the iconic LUMINIA home diffuser will enhance your space with an embracing scent for up to 2 years. Enjoy the pure emotion with an aura of distinction.



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For Her Or Him

Gentlemen, Ladies

Scent Family

Oriental & Mystic, Woody & Spicy


Santal Noir

Gift Packaging

Gift Bag, Gift Box, No gift wrapping


Gift of Joy, Housewarming Gifts, Thank You Gifts

Aroma Diffuser 200ml

Enhancing your living space with enveloping scent for 2 years.

Diffuser in a Gift Box

LUMINIA Aroma Diffuser in a luxury hand-crafted gift box.

Diffuser in a Gift Bag

LUMINIA Aroma Diffuser in a tailor-made gift bag.

Discover the art of scenting your living space in the Diffuser Care section.

For an ultimate and long-lasting scent experience from your LUMINIA crystal interior diffuser:

Pour some of the essential oil into the crystal vase of the diffuser. Insert 5 reeds of rare white rattan and let it soak for 12 hours. Turn the sticks and immerse the non-soaked part in the oil.

For a more intense fragrance experience, add more fragrant oil, add more reeds and place the diffuser in a warm place with air flow. If necessary, turn the sticks upside down at any time to revive the aroma.

Place the diffuser out of direct sunlight and heat, ideally where the air in the room flows.

Depending on the temperature, humidity and air movement in the room, the scent will enhance your space for about 12-24 months. Read more about the intensity and durability of LUMINIA diffusers in the Diffuser Care section.

Placing the diffuser at the heat source intensifies the scent and the diffuser evaporates faster. Likewise, dry air and drafts will speed up the evaporation process.

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