Aroma Diffuser for HIM in a Gift Box



Sacred Santal


Sexier than ever! Sacred Santal introduces an unexpected fusion of traditional winter scents with sensual overtones of mysticism in a festive harmony. Warm touch of cinnamon, playful clove and aphrodisiac white sandalwood sitting on precious teakwood, cedar, and patchouli, spiced up with cardamom essence and Indian saffron, and laced with white amber.

The timeless elegance of the iconic LUMINIA home diffuser will enhance your space with an embracing scent for up to 2 years. Enjoy the pure emotion with an aura of distinction.

Gift Box

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Sacred Santal

For Her Or Him

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Sacred Santal

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Gift Box


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Prírodná vonná sviečka Petite 90g

20-25 hodín horenia
V70mm x Ø55mm

Prírodná vonná sviečka Classic 260g

50-60 hodín horenia
V95mm x Ø75mm

Prírodná vonná sviečka Grande 1200g

200-220 hodín horenia
V140mm x Ø125mm

Discover the art of burning in the section Candle Care.

LUMINIA natural scented candles are made from the highest quality 100% natural waxes without paraffin, preservatives nor additives. As we do not use chemical preservatives, we recommend lighting the candle within 6 months of purchase and burning it within one year. With each lighting, its wonderful scent revives.

Especially at the first lighting, it is important to give the wick enough time to completely melt the surface to achieve a clean burning of the whole candle. If you light a candle only for a moment, the wax will melt inside next to the wick and form a so-called “tunnel”.

LUMINIA wax is 100% natural: scented candles burn cleanly, do not smoke and do not emit toxins or chemicals into the air.

If the scented candle smokes, the wick is too long and needs to be shortened to about 6mm. Carefully cut off part of the burning wick with a wick cutter or scissors, so that it does not to fall into the liquid pond and spoil the wax. Or extinguish the scented candle and gently break off a piece of the cooled wick. The flame will shrink and the natural candle will burn up to 3 times longer.