Tips for melting stress away

Managing the daily carousel at work, while devoting yourself to the household, family and still finding time for yourself, can be too much in today’s hectic world. We want to share a few tips to help you joyfully care for a family while pursuing a successful career, have room for some leisure and pleasure, and have a smile on your face more often.


Many of us might not even realize that we are exposed to everyday stress, or that we have learned to live with it. However, chronic stress can affect physical and mental health. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, weakened immunity, cancer, mood disorders, anxiety and depression. The American Psychological Association states that 66% of people experience physical stress and 63% show mental symptoms of stress. 

The most common symptoms of chronic stress are:

. exhaustion and lack of energy,
. insomnia,
. excessive irritability and nervousness,
. decreased libido
. concentration problems
. decreased or excessive appetite for food,
. indigestion and stomach upset
. recurrence of various diseases,
. skin problems.


Relaxation is an important element in our lives. Set aside at least a few minutes for yourself every day, try one of the following relaxation techniques and return your body and mind to functional mode.


Several expert studies agree that daily meditation has a positive effect on resistance to stress, anxiety and depression. You can meditate anytime, anywhere, so the excuses go sideways in this case. How to do it?


Close your eyes, breathe deeply, slowly and regularly. Focus only on your breath and on how oxygen gradually passes through your whole body when you inhale. Proper diaphragmatic breathing is important, in which only the abdomen rises with the breath, while the chest is at rest. Inhale through your nose and combine your nose and mouth when exhaling.


Use the power of memories with a positive charge and use it in meditation. Favorite place, vacation, moment of life, fulfilled desire, anything that evokes pleasant feelings in you. Move your mind to places that will calm your mind and give you inner peace.


It is a well-known and popular relaxation technique that helps to reduce stress and induce peace of mind. For aromatherapy, use the power of essential oils in concentrated form, or in quality perfumes, natural scented candles, or diffusers.

An important factor in choosing a fragrant essence is that the scent is pleasant for you and evokes a positive emotion in you. Lavender, honeysuckle, rosemary, mint, vetiver, sandalwood, incense, palo santo or eucalyptus are especially effective against stress. These essences are, for example, in aromatherapy candles and perfumes Honey & Thyme, Lavender & Iris, Lemon Verbena, Sacred Santal or Frankincense from LUMINIA.

You can try breathing, visualization and aromatherapy gradually or combine them together. For a start, it is even enough to calm your body and mind for at least 5-10 minutes a day. If you keep repeating the meditation for 21 days in a row, it will become a natural habit and your body and mind will definitely appreciate it. You can gradually extend the meditation time according to your feelings and needs.

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