LUMINIA perfumes are a unique piece of art. They offer the ultimate experience from every drop thanks to the intensity of fragrant oils. They also combine perfectly with each other and merge into an absolutely unique personal perfume that you create to love.

Anton Mularcik

Since I am not a user of social media, I am very happy to be able to express my satisfaction and gratitude in this way. I appreciate a very quick response to my order and feel gratefulness for being able to join a large crowd of satisfied customers of your products. I originally ordered the

Peter Klacko

I am a great lover of natural products, I enthusiastically smell all flowers and plants, but at the same time I also love luxury and admire the beauty created either by nature or human art. It’s amazing that Luminia candles combine all these aspects into one harmonious whole. What I personally enjoy most about using

Eva Pinter

The Enigma fragrance captures my memories, it is so beautifully “seductive” that I also searched for it among perfumes ..

Dana Boltun

Absolutely breathtaking scent and candle design. And amazing lightning delivery. I’m excited.

Dagmar Jacková

Among all the candles, Luminia and its several scents are very popular at home. The whole house is always beautiful for us. We are pleased that the candles are both natural and luxurious. An amazing home accessory that represents scent, relaxation and purity for us.

Sandra Re

I am very satisfied with the candles. Their scent is really magical ❤️ We bought a new apartment and so it fits me perfectly into the new living room. I’m excited about them.

Jiřina Částkova

Fast and kind communication, quic delivery and beautiful packaging. But that smell got me the most. I fell in love with it straight away! I’m sure I’ll buy something else soon and I’m already looking forward to it.

Michaela Rusnak

I have your perfume Sacred Santal. It is beautiful with a touch of the Orient. I would like to buy another of your fragrant products. You may be pleased that your Luminia replaced brands such as Chanel and Guerlain ? I wished you would be offering samples of your perfumes for sale so that I

Ivana Petrovic

I recommend very nice scented candles to make you happy or to please someone close to you.

Soňa Straňáková

Candles and diffusers from Lumini are excellent. I succumbed a bit to the fashionable diffusers that scent the rooms in my home, and a few friends have already asked about the type of diffuser. I recommend this brand.

Andrea Šmihulová

Since I received LUMINIA candles as a gift in the past and the scent and beauty cannot be compared to anything, I bought the abbot of candles as a gift this year. We look forward to lighting your candles for the holidays and the beautiful fragrance Enigma is burning all over the house 🙂 You

Dana Boltun

White Tea & Jasmine – finally a fragrance that fits me and I use it repeatedly. She’s gorgeous! A huge plus is the possibility of returning and reusing the containers, I highly praise and look forward to this ECO program. I will continue to buy regularly and recommend it to everyone – fragrance without waste,

Zuzka Hlačiková

Thank you for the beautiful gift and an incredible scent. It was a gift for my boss, and she absolutely loved it. Couldn’t make a better choice!

Catherine Porter

Hello Natalia, right after the party I want to let you know that the candles were an incredible success! The ladies loved them very much and thanked our boss for such a luxurious gift. Once again, we want to thank you very much for everything. ? Tatiana  

Tatiana Semancova

The samples of perfumes came unexpectedly fast and I am already wearing the first sample, I wonder which scent I will finally decide on. Thank you so much for such an amazingly quick deal and delivery. You are a superior brand.

Maria Sumska

Elegant candles with a really long-lasting scent. I recommend trying out anyone who likes unique scents.

Ladislava Urbanova

Beautiful design, beautiful scents. Candle and perfume kept us company at our wedding. The next time I’m going to smell the room when the baby arrives

Adriana Opath

And now I have reached the opening of the package. I wanted to enjoy it and feel it as much as “me time”. I’m in trouble !!! So precisely packed, every detail picked up to maximum perfection and those scents … “I dropped out”. I love perfection, precision and all this product package brings you.

Adriana Franková

These candles and perfumes are beautiful. The candles smell wonderful whether you light them or not. Perfumes are completely different from the ones you know from stores. They are perfect. And Ms. Natália is a professional, with an admirable approach to customers. Thank you and I wish many satisfied customers!

Eva Valachová

So far, I am most enchanted by the scent of White Tea & Jasmine, but all the scents you have recommended to me are beautiful. I think it’s a pleasure for everyone to deal with people like you. I wish you a beautiful day and a lot of success, I will soon order a large

Maria Sumska

Wow! In addition to the 100% satisfaction with the quality of the products, the owner personally surprised me with her approach in these difficult times. I haven’t experienced such a customer service ever before. Personal delivery in the evening right to the door of the house and beautiful gift packaging will convince you that NICHE

Dana Frank

The perfect gift! Mom was excited by the Lumina candle and its wonderful delicate scent.

Kristína Kuran

I was just with friends to whom I gave your candle. They are completely in love with it. They haven’t lit it yet. They want to save it for a special occasion. ? So far, they are only opening it in the evening and the scent fills their entire living room. I smelled it and

Antonín Kostka

I’m completely blown-away by your candles :))) I bought them for Christmas, so far in a small size, but just to try the fragrances, and I want to try them all! And getting the Grande white tea and jasmine candle for our dining table 🙂 I wish you happy holidays!

Barbora Užovič

Luxurious, high-quality and wonderful scent of the ordered candle. The design was very pleasantly surprised. Maximum satisfaction.

Katarína Čabalová

It will really please you many times. A tasteful home accessory and that scent really caresses the soul, you must try

Silvia Mederová Trenčanská

Elegant candles timelessly, I don’t have a perfume yet but I long for it.

Zuzana Skaličanová

Professional communication, fast delivery. The perfume was luxuriously wrapped and smells beautiful. I will definitely order another perfume in the future. Thank you

Alice Blahova

The perfume as well as the Luminia candles have never disappointed as a gift. And best of all, I don’t have to worry about packing, since they’re already in a gift box 🙂

Matus Kormanik

These luxury candles are great and beautifully scent the whole room. They have a long-lasting scent and are an timeless home accessory. I can only recommend them to everyone. They are high quality and unique. I wish you good health in these times and many satisfied customers.

Renata Mularcik

Absolutely in love with my Luminia candles! Finally truly natural scented candles that don’t give me a headache.

Christine Stone

Thank you for the express delivery of the package. Jasmine perfume and candle are divine. The candle is already burned in the polka. I guess I’ve become addicted to the scent of jasmine … but it’s worth it when I feel like I’m having a better day. I wish you many satisfied customers.

Wanda Mikulášová

Beautiful candles, beautiful scents and a glass jar is perfect for jewelry ?

Marianna Holovcakova

From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my great admiration, respect and appreciation. You and your team have been able to create ingenious products in harmony with maximum precision, attention to detail and amazing luxury. Excellent descriptions of perfumes and all products, perfection from design, sophisticated packaging with maximum guarantee and customer

Adriana Franková

Pleasant and fast communication, professional and individual approach. The beautiful scent and luxurious packaging amazed everyone, thank you.

Teresa Kozlik

Luminia luxury candles are great! They scent the whole room beautifully and last burning for an incredibly long time. Love them as an elegant interior accessory for my home as well as give them as a gift. They always amaze everyone. Thank you!

Elisabeth Jones

Thank you for the goods 🙂 I received wonderfully scented beautiful candles … I look forward to making them happy. The scent is beautiful, I will definitely order it, I would prefer all 🙂 … Thank you also for the friendly and professional approach …

Michaela Čechová

LUMINIA products that I currently have and proudly use (perfumes, roll-on (s), candles, diffuser) are simply gems. It is a mix of luxury, joy, pleasure, perfection and a hallmark of originality. I love every single product, it is amazing, fine-tuned to the last detail and made in the belief of perfection. This is how I

Adriana Franková

Luminia candles are the best in the world! Finally, really natural and wonderfully scented candles that I can lightly light without worrying about the health of my three children.

Elena Kollarova

Your candle is absolutely amazing, it was a gift for my wife who loves roses, but even me as a guy who is normally left cold by such things, I must say that the scent is absolutely perfect as well as the design! Thank you very much and I wish you much success.

Miroslav Posad

High quality customer service and amazing products, thank you.

Marek Krajc

Fantastic approach of the owner, excellent quality products with very pleasant scents in an aesthetic packaging. Thank you.

Imelda Kruzelak

Beautiful candles with amazing and clean scents, which elevate with their design every interior. And Luminia perfumes are perfect with incredible endurance! And to top it all off, products are hand-crafted by Natalia’s family.

Lucia Stancek

Luxury, quality and amazing scent.

Evula Krcova

Your approach to customers is what makes your business successful and of course product packaging and everything around you have perfectly adorned indeed! I am proud of how the Slovaks know how to sell a Slovak product, in such a perfect design from the order, fast delivery, wonderful packaging, great customer service and last but

Wanda Mikulášová

The candles arrived today! Wonderful scent, elegant packaging, beautiful product. Thank you! Fig Mediterranean is incredible! I’m looking forward to lighting the candle.


First of all, I want to thank you for the fast and beautiful delivery of your amazing scents that I ordered and for the surprise, I was waiting for a gift sample of the new scent and you sent me a whole perfume straight away… thank you! I tested the new scent of the rose

Susan Letrich

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but the design is incredible, those clean lines. And when I feel that they do not burden the environment, it must be a holiday, light such a candle at home. I would not expect a special occasion, because in these difficult times, every day is a

Ingrida Kováčiková

You will fall in love with elegant and natural Luminia candles right away. For your own pleasure at home or as an outstanding gift. They are TOP!

Alena Holecy

I have already ordered a fragrant package several times – the Cherrie in Love perfume, which I fell in love with at the Evolution Festival. Candles are a wonderful gift. Natural and luxurious. Thank you for the great service and professional approach!

Kateřina Palátová

Thank you very much for the beautiful candle and especially the approach of the owner. The package from the courier did not arrive on time. As it was intended to be a gift, she did not hesitate and delivered in person. I really appreciate it and will definitely buy more. The candles are wonderful!

Adriana Galla

Luminia candles are beautiful both in their design and scent. If you want to make someone really happy, buy them in their impressive gift box. I wish this company only the best, because their enthusiasm for what they do and interest in the client is amazing.

Eva Utesil

I bought LUMINIA candles (Lemon Verbena and Navona Lily). I admit that the choice was difficult because it was not easy to choose from a wide range of scents. The candles enchanted me very much with their quality, luxury and wonderful captivating scent. It is an excellent job. I will definitely order again.

Eva Peťková