The birth of LUMINIA has its genesis in the personal story of Natalia.

Despite a healthy lifestyle, Natalia struggled with breathing problems, coughs and allergies every winter. Heart-warming candles were her daily companions, creating a cosy atmosphere to keep the cold away. In a twist of fate, her uncle, a candle-maker, suggested replacing all paraffin-based candles with his natural ones. Her health issues dissolved and never returned

Thorough research confirmed the harmfulness of paraffin and its connection to various health issues. Enlightened by the knowledge, Natalia left modelling for creative work with profound meaning. Inspired by pure intentions, she founded LUMINIA, a beloved family business, now powered by the joy of thousands of customers.

Natalia: "My intention was the creation of perfection...

A gift of light and warmth. An object of joy loved by everyone, sparking happiness in the hands of the recipient.

Healthy, ecological, useful, yet extraordinary, in every detail. Enlightened by my healing, I searched the world for inspirations. Endless innovations, failures and discoveries led to the formation of our one-of-a-kind family formula with features beyond our expectations.”


…means “light”

from old Hebrew.

The logo font is inspired by Natalia’s favourite city of Rome and the writings on the walls of ancient temples. So old, yet so present, that they feel eternal. The Romans used V instead of U, therefore also LVMINIA respects clean straight lines.

“We pay utmost attention to every detail and challenge ourselves to do good things better. All with love and pure intension.”


LUMINIA waxes are carefully hand-picked,

and environmentally friendly. Coconut and apricot seed waxes are 100% natural products containing no chemicals. They are steam-distilled, food grade pure essential oils manufactured mainly by hand from certified sustainable natural sources.


Coconut wax represents a lower environmental impact than any other wax. One coconut tree produces more oil than genetically modified soybeans on a ten times larger area. Unlike soy and other crops, palm trees do not require annual soil cultivation or the use of pesticides and insecticides that adversely affect biodiversity. One palm bears for up to 70 years, yielding about 100-200 fruits a year, depending on the cultivar. Harvesting and production require honest manual work, which creates jobs for farmers in developing countries.


Egyptian cotton wicks are world-renowned leaders in candle alchemy, with 100% pure natural quality. From a wide range, we select and test wicks with the most suitable thickness, shape, and type of weaving for each scent. As each essence has its own character, oiliness, density, volatility. The properties to which the type of wick and the exact proportions of the waxes must be perfectly adapted.


We compose LUMINIA perfumes from carefully selected essential oils, exotic spices and rare woods, uniting nature with science. Our authentic scents of candles and diffusers create a sensual atmosphere, stimulate the body and unwind the mind. Extraordinarily long-lasting perfumes combine beautifully with each other and adapt to each skin individually, culminating in a unique experience that complements your personality.


We are proud that we chose the best glass and that it is produced locally. It took us several months to find a glasswork that blows our vessels from the iconic Bohemia Crystal by hand, of perfectly clean shapes, with an absolutely flat bottom, precisely ground edges, and lustrous clarity, which has gained its worldwide fame.

Each vessel is a small work of art which took 2 days and 6 pairs of expert hands. Crowned with a hand-crafted crystal lid with a sparkling diamond, it becomes an iconic object of your interior.


We present our LUMINIA way to choose to refuse, reuse, and recycle, for a more responsible approach to the environment, the pursuit of zero-waste lifestyle, a healthier and more sustainable life in harmony with our beautiful planet, now and for the generations to follow.


Refuse plastic and unnecessary packaging whenever and wherever you can. If you would like a perfectly wrapped gift, you can select an elegant tailor-made gift bag or a luxury hand-crafted gift box in our online store. All LUMINIA bags, gift boxes and shipping boxes are recyclable.

We refuse to use paraffin, colorants, preservatives, and additives. Paraffin is made from crude oil; colorants are mostly synthetic and additives are chemical compounds. All of them are significantly harmful to our health and the environment.

We refuse to discard reusable packaging materials. We gather clean used boxes and fillers to pack your online orders ecologically giving them a second life.


Give the empty crystal candle holders a new meaning and reuse them for another purpose in your home or office.

Inspirations from our clients:
jewellery box, jars for sugar, nuts, candies, teas, salt and spices, vase for fresh or dried flowers, crystal glasses for drinks, container for cotton swabs and pads, holder for make-up brushes, pens, pencils, money box, memories cup, for shells and decorations.

In what role will your collection of LUMINIA crystal holders and bottles star?


Please, return us undamaged candle holders and perfume bottles from your LUMINIAs. We will reuse them for new candles and perfumes in a return for a good feeling and a discount on your next purchase.

Discounts for crystal candle holders:

2€ Petite I 4€ Classic I 6€ Grande

Discounts for perfume bottles:

1€ for 30ml bottle I 2€ for 50ml bottle


Bring empty LUMINIA holders and bottles to the nearest re-seller to benefit from an immediate discount.


collect at least 3 empty pieces, pack them very securely and send to: LUMINIA s.r.o., Jasovska 1, 85107 Bratislava, Slovakia, contact: +421903750223. Please include your full name, address, email and phone number. You will receive a discount code depending on the returned pieces, plus the price of your postage up to 5€ by email. You can use the discount code for your next purchase at the LUMINIA online store.




Let the candle burn until the wax melts all the way to the glass. Especially the very first time, it is important to give the wick enough time to completely melt the surface to achieve a perfect burn without wax residuals. If you light a candle for a short time, the wax will melt only around the wick forming a so-called “tunnel”.

If the wax remains on one side of the candle, do not cut the wick and tilt it with a long non-flammable object towards the unmelted wax. The wax will gradually melt.



LUMINIA wax is 100% natural and burns absolutely clean. It does not smoke or emit toxins into the air.

When the wick becomes too long and the flame too big, more wick than wax is being burned, and smoke might appear, because the wick is made of cotton. The smoke will blacken the glass, darken the wax, and the excessive heat of the large flame risks breaking it. To avoid the smoke, trim the wick to 6mm before lighting. Or use a wick cutter or scissors to trim the burning wick, making sure it does not fall into the liquid wax pool. Or extinguish the candle and gently break off a piece from the cooled wick. The flame will shrink and the candle will burn up to 3 times longer. 

If the wick breaks and the flame is too small, melt the wax around it and pour out the liquid wax. The wick will lengthen, the flame enlarges and melts a larger diameter

To prevent smoke, keep the candle out of drafts.



To achieve the longest burning time, extinguish the candle when the wax melts to the glass. Allow it to solidify and relight. The deeper the wax pool and larger the flame, the faster the wax burns.

If you want to keep your candle lit longer, trim the wick with a cutter or scissors to 6mm while lit. Make sure the wick trimmings do not fall into the wax pool. The flame gets smaller and the candle will burn up to 3 times longer.

The longer the wick, the larger the flame and the shorter the total burning time, because a larger flame consumes more wax.



If the candle is burning inside creating a tunnel, the reason is either a short burning time or a short wick. Do not cut the wick, pour off the liquid wax, and let the candle burn as long as possible. A larger flame will gradually melt the surrounding wax.

If the wick breaks, drowns, or is too short with a tiny flame, melt the wax around the wick with a long lighter and pour it out. The wick and flame instantly enlarge. If necessary, repeat the process pouring out the wax on a small plate or bowl and you can return it into the melted pool when all the wax burns from the edges of the candle.

If wax remains only on one side of the candle, tilt the wick with a non-flammable object towards that wax.



For a crystalline brightness, polish the wall of the crystal holder with a cloth or a paper towel. The perfect time is after the candle is extinguished, the wax sufficiently solidified, and the crystal is still slightly warm. Take care not to break the wick.

When the candle is finished, scoop out the remaining wax from the bottom. If necessary, heating the bottom of the crystal in warm water will help. After you remove all the wax, wash the crystal in warm water until clear.



To prevent the crystal from breaking, keep the wick to the optimal length, so that it does not smoke or touch the glass. Especially when the candle burns longer than 2 hours.

Do not burn the last 1 centimetre of the wax. Always place the candle on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable objects, drafts, out of reach of children and pets.

Never leave a burning candle alone – enjoy its company.




Pour the perfume oil into the crystal diffuser vase. Insert 5 precious white rattan reeds and let soak for 12 hours. Turn the reeds and immerse the non-soaked part in the oil. 

For a more intense fragrance, add more rattan reeds and place the diffuser in a warm place with gentle air flow. Turn the reeds at any time to revive the aroma.



Place the diffuser on a protective pad to prevent any oil droplets from damaging the surface. Ideally, place the diffuser where the air flows gently in the room, out of direct sunlight and away from any strong heat source.

Depending on the temperature, humidity, and intensity of the air flow, the scent will enhance your space for 12 to 24 months.

Placing the diffuser at a heat source intensifies the aroma and the diffuser evaporates faster. Dry air and drafts will speed up the evaporation too. However, we proudly confirm that due to the superior quality of our precious ingredients, all of our diffusers will last 12 months or more.



Herbal, fresh and citrus scents are the most subtle ones and evaporate the fastest. Diffusers White Tea & Jasmine, Magnolia & Tuberose, and Cardamom Intense are suitable in the immediate vicinity, on a desk or in a bedroom and last 12 – 18 months. Sweet, fruity and floral scents of medium intensity, such as Basil Verde and Fig Mediterranean, are perfect welcoming scents to your home in the anteroom, hall, in the kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe or guest room. Diffusers of these scents will keep you company for about 18-24 months. Woody, spicy and oriental scents such as Amber & Oud, Frankincense, Santal Light or Saffron & Musk embrace you with their intensity and create a sophisticated atmosphere with a touch of luxury. They stand out best in the living room, study, office or meeting room. Among the scents, they have the longest life, 24 months or more.