Basil Verde

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The distinctive and inimitable scent of Tuscan basil will transport you to among the long fields of vineyards and the ancient stone buildings of this enchanting part of Italy, famous for its gastronomy, art and magnificent landscapes. We spiced the bright heart of Basil Verde with Moroccan mint, sweetened it with green apples and refreshed it with blackcurrant, lemon zest, a pinch of pink grapefruit and orange. The base consists of captivating white jasmine, nutmeg, tonka and mystical guaiac wood.

Let the natural scented candles LUMINIA envelop you in sensual pleasures and unwind the ambiance of ultimate luxury.

Add the name of the recipient on the candle label, surprise and leave a lasting impression.

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Classic 260g | 50h burning time, Petite 90g | 20h burning time, Grande 1200g | 200h burning time

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Basil Verde


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Discover the art of burning in the section Candle Care.

LUMINIA natural scented candles are made from the highest quality 100% natural waxes without paraffin, preservatives nor additives. As we do not use chemical preservatives, we recommend lighting the candle within 6 months of purchase and burning it within one year. With each lighting, its wonderful scent revives.

Especially at the first lighting, it is important to give the wick enough time to completely melt the surface to achieve a clean burning of the whole candle. If you light a candle only for a moment, the wax will melt inside next to the wick and form a so-called “tunnel”.

LUMINIA wax is 100% natural: scented candles burn cleanly, do not smoke and do not emit toxins or chemicals into the air.

If the scented candle smokes, the wick is too long and needs to be shortened to about 6mm. Carefully cut off part of the burning wick with a wick cutter or scissors, so that it does not to fall into the liquid pond and spoil the wax. Or extinguish the scented candle and gently break off a piece of the cooled wick. The flame will shrink and the natural candle will burn up to 3 times longer.

Customer Reviews

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Bol to prvý nákup - darček pre najbližšiu osobu. Voľba vône bola jasná. Neodolateľná zmes ingrediencií Vás dostane natoľko, že Vás zneistí len fakt, že v balení nenájdete lyžičku :) ktorou by ste to najradšej zjedli. Všetko krásne zabalené, v prémiovom balení a krištáľovej dóze, ktorá dodáva produktu punc jedinečnosti a luxusu. Ďakujem


Krásny doplnok do domácnosti! Nádherná vôň! Prvá sviečka ale rozhodne nebude posledná v mojej domácnosti.



Jana Jamrichová

Sviečka je nádherná, má veľmi príjemnú sviežu vôňu, je ako šperk. Dodanie bolo expresné, veľká spokojnosť.


mňam, tá podmanivá vôňa bazalky, mystické spojenie citrusov a jazmínu