Susan Letrich

First of all, I want to thank you for the fast and beautiful delivery of your amazing scents that I ordered and for the surprise, I was waiting for a gift sample of the new scent and you sent me a whole perfume straight away… thank you!

I tested the new scent of the rose and I called it Rose Intense. At the beginning it is a much more intense scent of white rose, very fresh, less sweet than Rose Royal, then such a slight attenuation when it goes through a period of delicate floral scent and finally changes to a delicate whipped cream with a hint of rose.

Of the two completely different scents of the rose, I like Rose Royal more, because of the aura of the scent, it has a wonderfully clean one.

99% of perfumes give me headaches and I vomit (literally), but not from yours, AMAZING! I am constantly looking for “the right one” and Mahogany Pomegranate is my TOP !!!!

Thank you again for creating such amazing perfumes and I wish you a lot of strength, courage and inspiration in the future. Your service is exemplary!

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