White Tea & Jasmine


33.00 191.00 


Elegant and timeless scent of royal white tea with enticing jasmine blossom, peppered by rich fragrance of ylang ylang, soft touch of bergamot, lavender and thyme. Natural scented candle White Tea & Jasmine by LUMINIA creates ambience of luxury wherever you feel it.

Let the natural scented candles LUMINIA envelop you in sensual pleasures and unwind the ambiance of ultimate luxury.

Add the name of the recipient on the candle label, surprise and leave a lasting impression.


Personalize the product (+9€)


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62 reviews for White Tea & Jasmine

  1. Lenka

  2. Miroslava

  3. Andrea Belianska

  4. Michaela G.

    I bought it as a gift

  5. Silvia Čillíková

    Quality workmanship, pleasant elegant scent

  6. Darleen Shapiro

    Loving how long these Luminia candles last burning! Truly amazing alchemy

  7. Marta Š.

  8. Ivana

  9. Monika K.

  10. Michaela Rosová

    Wonderful scent, beautiful design

  11. Daša Vetráková

  12. Eva

  13. Janka K.

    Unobtrusive and pleasant

  14. Lenka Gatialová

  15. Táňa Bachratá

  16. Juraj

    Beautiful and soothing wellness scent?

  17. Erica Anderson

    Loving the sparkling texture of the wax, really looks like fresh snow

  18. Wanda Mikulášová

    The best scent I’ve ever tried.

  19. Dana Gjablová

  20. Martina

  21. Ivona U

  22. Sidonie Hall

    Very nice and pleasant scent … I will definitely buy it again

  23. Katarína Ivancová

  24. Anonymous

  25. Karel C.

    Beautiful processing and fast delivery to the Czech Republic.

  26. Linn Stuart

    Wow what a design! In real the candles look even better when the sunlight hits the crystal, pure luxury

  27. Deborah Johnson

    It was meant to be a present, but couldn’t help it, had to light it 🙂 Getting two more now!

  28. Judy Grant

    Love love love love Luminia’s White Tea Jasmine 🙂

  29. Karel C.

    Beautiful candle and very fast delivery to the Czech Republic.

  30. Martina E.

    I bought this candle as a gift and I must say that I was very pleased! Fragrance, design and beautiful gift packaging 🙂

  31. Iris Martin

    Beautiful wedding gift that preserves the emotions of the moment in its scent. I love that I could put the names of the newlyweds on the candle label.

  32. Ceperkova Alexandra

    A beautiful candle, made the whole family happy and pleasant atmosphere in the evening and its irresistible and pure scent relaxed our body and soul ❤️ Regards Sasha

  33. Anonymous

    Based on the reviews, I ordered a White tea and jasmine candle and I can only recommend it. Incredibly beautiful, intense scent. Overall, the candle looks luxurious, high quality. Great type for a gift. Of course, I acknowledge the natural ingredients and hand-blown glass. The price is higher, but rightly so.

  34. Katarína

    Beautiful fragrance…

  35. Daniela

  36. Kate Morrison

    Luminia experience was exceptional, the candle burned for a very long time and scented my home heavenly. I will definitely visit the e-shop again.

  37. Patricia Truman

    I take this candle with me wherever I go in the travel size and have the best memories with it

  38. Zuzana O.

  39. Daniela Simanová

    Beautiful scent, captures peace and quiet.

  40. Denisa

    I can’t rate. It was my first purchase and a gift for a friend. But if it smells like the perfume, it must be amazing.

  41. Barbra Young

    Very fresh, clean, and luxurious

  42. Jane

    The product is amazing, and the scent absolutely wonderful

  43. Cameron Junne

    My home feels like a luxury hotel whenever I light this one :))

  44. Alexandra

    Charming scent. The candle smells even when it is not lit.

  45. Bibiana B.

  46. Lívia M.

  47. Svetlana H.

    Beautiful and fragrant ?

  48. Silvia Čillíková

    High quality craftmanship, pleasant elegant scent.

  49. Anonymous

  50. Chloe P.

    Pleasant home fragrance, at the same time a beautiful interior accessory. The candle actually burns for a long time, the wax remains shimmering even and isnt a black.

  51. Adriana M.

    Pleasant scent, very intense, yet unobtrusive. Very good choice ?

  52. Eva

  53. Catherine Lui

    The most beautifully scented candles in the world

  54. Adriana Frank

    Amazing scent, brilliant design and long-lasting joy.

  55. Viera J.

    I shopped twice at Luminia and I will stay true to them! This time I bought candles as gifts for my 2 friends, they are 2 ladies who really have everything … these candles always inspire them as a luxury gift only for their “well being” … I recommend

  56. Dominika

    The most beautiful fragrance ever ?

  57. Dana

    Beautiful, there’s nothing to criticize. Satisfaction guaranteed ?

  58. Clementine Tally

    Loving this Luminia candle, and the crystal dose will be great for my jewelry, yay 🙂

  59. Martina E.

    I bought this candle as a gift and I must say that I was very pleased! Fragrance, made and beautiful gift packaging 🙂

  60. Michaela

    The candle was a gift. First, I didn’t know, which one to buy… But then this fresh and pleasant scent won. The gifted person was thrilled with the scent, and the beautiful and luxurious look.

  61. Magdalena Jones

    If all the candles smell so great like this one, I want them all!!!

  62. Zuzana B.

    Amazing fragrance, luxury design

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Petite 90g | 25hrs burning time, Classic 260g | 60hrs burning time, Grande 1200g | 220hrs burning time

Gift Packaging

Gift Bag, Gift Box, No gift wrapping

Scent Family

Citrus & Fresh, Floral & Clean

For Her Or Him



White Tea Jasmine


Anniversary / Gifts for Couples, Baby Shower Gifts, Birthday Gifts for Her, Christmas Gifts, Gift for a Young Lady, Gift of Joy, Housewarming Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Wedding Gifts

Natural scented candle Petite 90g

20-25 hrs burning time
V70mm x Ø55mm

Natural scented candle Classic 260g

50-60 hrs burning time
V95mm x Ø75mm

Natural scented candle Grande 1200g

200-220 hrs burning time
V140mm x Ø125mm

Discover the art of burning in the section Candle Care.

LUMINIA natural scented candles are made from the highest quality 100% natural waxes without paraffin, preservatives nor additives. As we do not use chemical preservatives, we recommend lighting the candle within 6 months of purchase and burning it within one year. With each lighting, its wonderful scent revives.

Especially at the first lighting, it is important to give the wick enough time to completely melt the surface to achieve a clean burning of the whole candle. If you light a candle only for a moment, the wax will melt inside next to the wick and form a so-called “tunnel”.

LUMINIA wax is 100% natural: scented candles burn cleanly, do not smoke and do not emit toxins or chemicals into the air.

If the scented candle smokes, the wick is too long and needs to be shortened to about 6mm. Carefully cut off part of the burning wick with a wick cutter or scissors, so that it does not to fall into the liquid pond and spoil the wax. Or extinguish the scented candle and gently break off a piece of the cooled wick. The flame will shrink and the natural candle will burn up to 3 times longer.

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