Honey & Thyme



Softly sweet and natural scent of golden honey laced with fresh herbs of summer meadows, precious amber, sandalwood, and musk gifted in the scent Honey & Thyme. Pamper your body and soul by the healing power of thyme, sweet balm and calming chamomile. Unwind the energy they gathered from warm sun beams throughout the summer and let LUMINIA scent fill your home with warmth, peace, and delight.

Discover LUMINIA luxury body perfumes with essential oils; highly concentrated for a long-lasting experience from every drop.

Add the name of the recipient on the perfume label. Surprise and leave a lasting impression.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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30 ml, 50 ml

For Her Or Him

Gentlemen, Ladies

Scent Family

Herbal & Aromatherapeutical


Honey Thyme

Gift Packaging

Gift Box, No gift wrapping


in a velvet pouch and a luxury hand-crafted gift box

Perfume 50ml

Extrait de Parfum

Perfume 30ml

Extrait de Parfum

LUMINIA Perfume – Perfume Extrait

is an intense perfume, so one to two sprays are enough for an ultimate fragrant experience. It contains 30% of fragrance oils, which on each skin develop individually into an authentic aroma that defines you.


Soft to touch, it is presented in a luxurious snow-white velvet pouch with an elegant satin ribbon.

LUMINIA bottles are light and practical for traveling, in a handbag, your pocket, and anywhere.

You can return empty LUMINIA perfume bottles towards a discount for your next purchase.

You can find out how to return bottles and more about the LUMINIA environmental approach in the Eco Program section.

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